Friday, January 4, 2013

Delray Beach Hormones

Hormone Replacement Therapy located in Delray Beach, Florida!

Core Medical Group can help you with any deficiencies in your hormone levels.

You may be reading this because you are not feeling like your normal self. You’re lethargic and your energy level is not what it was. Your body is becoming unresponsive to exercise or nutrition and your mind isn't remembering simple things. Your poor sex life is bringing you down and you may be having difficulties achieving an erection. Hormone Replacement Therapy at Core Medical Group may be what you need!

Hormone Replacement Therapy information

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that 4 to 5 million American men suffer from low testosterone, but only 5% are currently treated with hormone replacement therapy. What about the remaining 95%? Could you be one of them?

If you answered “yes” to more than half of these questions, chances are your testosterone levels are less than optimal and you may be deficient. You may be going through the male menopause, a condition known as andropause.

Can I benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

Men who receive testosterone therapy consequently report that they feel sexier, stronger and healthier. They say that it makes them feel as they did when they were in their prime.

Core Medical Group's testosterone treatments can stop and reverse the physical decline that can rob you of your energy, strength and libido. Testosterone can restore muscle tone and improve stamina. Testosterone can restore healthy sexual excitement and desire, which in turn, results in an improvement in mood and overall well being.

Restoring testosterone to youthful levels with hormone replacement therapy can reverse the situation. Men automatically assume that as they age, their sexual capacity will diminish. There is no need to accept this loss of sexuality. We should be able to live our life with the same excitement and enthusiasm we enjoyed during our youth.


  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful information about bioidentical hormone replacement. I was so relieved to know that there is such a way to alleviate the problem that I have long been suffering.

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